Thursday, 20 July 2017

The Battle of Shefield: Shefield Wednesday vs Shefield United

In the last fifteen years or so, football fans here in Nigeria have come to know some of the exciting football rivalries in European leagues. From the El Clasico of Real Madrid vs Barcelona, and the Milan derby of Ac Milan vs Inter Milan, to the Manchester derby of Manchester United vs Manchester City and the London derby of Arsenal vs Chelsea. These are the rivalries known to the average football fan in this part of the World. However, there are so many other rivalries that are more intense than the ones mentioned above. 

The Shefield derby is much more than a derby; it is a battle between Shefield United and Shefield Wednesday. In this match, blood is spilled that resembles what we see in action movies. This battle doesn't stop in the field of play between the opposing players but it also extends to the opposing fans who fight before the match, during the match and after the match. 

The hatred is so genuine that during match days security is increased to avert or better put to ameliorate fans violence. The stewards at match venues usually work harder than they would if the match wasn't a Shefield derby. 
Fans in violent conduct

Monday, 17 July 2017

Costa, the rebel of football

For anyone who has been following the Premier League since August 2014 should not have difficulty in understanding the title of this story.
In 2014, Chelsea FC secured the signature of Diego Costa from Atletico Madrid to bolster their attacking line, but little did they know that they were also buying a player who was not only good in scoring goals but also a master of the dark arts. The number of controversies caused by the Brazilian born Spain international are numerous to mention.
The Brazilian fights everyone including his opponents, his team mates and even his coaches. He doesn't shy away from doing same off the pitch as well.
However, his time at Chelsea FC and indeed the Premier League could be up before the end of this summer's transfer window (as per skysports). Well, once he leaves, English football would bid him farewell without any emotion attached since he came as a rebel, he will leave as a rebel.